nineteen is a collaborative membership group for agency leaders to connect, develop and influence at an executive level.

Leader's Events


Gain continued access to a strong network of agency leaders and be part of something bigger!

nineteen provides opportunities to interact within the director-to-director arena, through networking events and development programmes. In addition, members will have access to our members-only VOICE forum to connect with like-minded leaders and gain access to exclusive content.


Enhance your knowledge and information in a collaborative and interactive environment through nineteen’s network of experienced leaders.

We will also support the development of agency leaders by delivering expert-led content on various business topics and introducing specialist speaker-sessions, both live and virtual.


We believe that by bringing strong industry leaders together in the spirit of collaboration, we can create a supportive network, which will contribute to the growth and evolution of the events industry.

We will share your voice with micebook’s wider community across our PR, social and media channels.


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