• March 19, 2021

Eclipse upgrades digital event studios

Eclipse upgrades digital event studios

Eclipse upgrades digital event studios 1024 683 micebook.

London-based production company Eclipse has launched its upgraded digital event studios, which feature an advanced 3D creation platform to deliver immersive event experiences.

Eclipse’s digital event studios will enable event organisers to deliver cutting-edge content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual stages. Taking inspiration from television event broadcasts and video game environments, 3D models, products, charts, graphs and more can be effectively rendered into any frame in real-time, presenting a variety of ways to engage audiences and enrich the delivery of events.

Whether integrating augmented set builds and props, delivering an event programme across wide-ranging virtual environments, hybrid events from hubs or broadcasting presenters side-by-side from any location, the latest advancement in Eclipse’ event solutions will provide event organisers with unbounded virtual and hybrid event capabilities.

Eclipse said the investment in the new studios reflected the evolving needs and rising expectations of event organisers.  The digital studio environment can be based on an existing venue, stage or site, while Eclipse’s in-house GFX designers can also develop all-new environments to fully immerse event audiences within any desired environment. With hybrid on the horizon, the solution isn’t limited to its existing studios, with the event production experts able to deliver the solution from any venue or location.

“Throughout the course of the pandemic we have been working to push the boundaries of event production, initially launching the first of our virtual event studios in March 2020 to meet the rising needs of our clients and to provide professional solutions to overcome any event challenges presented by COVID-19,” said Robin Purslow, managing director of Eclipse.

“Following the vast success of our virtual event productions, we are delighted to once more be investing in pioneering event technology that will push the boundaries of our event capabilities. As more of our clients continue to adapt and welcome digital integrations into their events, as shown in our increasing amount of hybrid event enquiries, our digital studios will provide a cost-effective yet creative solution that will undoubtedly drive events to the next level of immersion and engagement.”

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