• July 28, 2022

V Awards Winners Spotlight: Cardano Summit 2021 by First Event

V Awards Winners Spotlight: Cardano Summit 2021 by First Event

V Awards Winners Spotlight: Cardano Summit 2021 by First Event 1024 683 micebook.

We shine the spotlight on this year’s winner of the Best Hybrid Experience category at the recent micebook V Awards 2022

Billed as the biggest ever blockchain event, Cardano Summit 2021 brought together a global developer community driving the technology’s transformative potential underpinning cryptocurrency.

This ambitious Summit was the first hybrid event for IOHK, leaders in blockchain technology, achieving a 14-fold increase in reach, (10,000 attendees in 2020).

The summit was broadcast via an impressive online platform, transporting attendees to a virtual world on the back of a mythical turtle. It was surrounded by seven topic-based islands for attendees to learn about subjects including governance, adoption, community and impact. A huge live stage and production set-up in Wyoming was the hub for creating live content, streamed along with pre-recorded presentations to virtual and in-person attendees.

Throughout the event, attendees could chat via text or in-proximity audio chat bubbles, to discuss talks as they were viewing with peers. They could also play games and win prizes, taking to social media to share secrets of how to unlock collectibles, creating a buzz around the event.

Delivered in just seven weeks, the 48-hour hybrid event attracted 142,000 online attendees from 180 countries, with 13,500 in-person attendees at watch parties in New York, Miami, Wyoming, Berlin, Cape Town, London and 40 community hubs.

Engagement was high, evidenced in 116,662 collectibles awarded to delegates for interacting, and 72 media attended (20% increase vs 2020) resulting in 1,718 pieces of media coverage. The event also gave a massive boost to the Discord developer community platform, with 3,700 (67% increase) new members.

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