• July 26, 2022

Ventures22: The heat is on – wake up call for MICE leaders

Ventures22: The heat is on – wake up call for MICE leaders

Ventures22: The heat is on – wake up call for MICE leaders 1024 677 micebook.

The temperature may have cooled slightly from the stifling 40 degree records we experienced for the first time across parts of the UK last week, but the heat is now very much on the UK government and world leaders to take faster action against climate change.

Scientists and climate change experts called the heatwave, which resulted in the London Fire Brigade declaring a major incident as wildfires blazed across the capital and beyond, a wake-up call, with many predicting hotter temperatures and wildfires will become a regular occurrence here if carbon emissions are not lowered.

Right now, wildfires continue to blaze through California, France and Spain, and this Thursday (28 July), we mark Earth Overshoot Day – the day when humanity has used all the biological resources that Earth regenerates during the entire year. It falls one day earlier than in 2021 – after this we’re stealing from future generations.

But what does all this have to do with micebook and the events industry? As we know all too well, events leave a large carbon footprint and use precious natural resources that our planet cannot afford to spare.

The events industry needs to wake up to the fact that carbon measurement and offsetting is simply not enough, and that sustainability needs to be systemically inbuilt into the purpose of a business for employees, clients and the entire supply chain to be affected at the pace and scale required to make real and lasting change.

In addition to reducing our environmental impact as an industry, business events have an important role to play as a key facilitator in bringing together leaders in sustainability to solve challenges, share ideas and develop solutions. This is exactly our vision for micebook Ventures. We are creating a new tribe, a movement of leadership minds and showing business events change-makers live examples of these things in action while demonstrating why industry-wide collaboration is critical to make real and lasting change.

Ventures22, which takes place on the newly announced dates of 31 October-2 November in Liverpool, will focus on solutions for transforming the world of business events as a force for good – in the debating chamber, in the meeting room and through live experiences.

Ventures will not solve all the problems of the world in two days, but we’ll start the process away from CSR-thinking to a more systemic, Net Positive outlook through some unmissable experiences of the opportunities, technologies and innovations emerging from centres of excellence such as Knowledge Quarter Liverpool, to help us all Re-Build Better. Creator of micebook Ventures Chris McQue argues that the “Anthropocene meltdown just witnessed closer to home than ever before should be a clarion call to all responsible MICE leaders to accelerate change within their organisations and those they serve.”

He continued: “How can we possibly continue to run international brand communications events in the same old ways with melting airport runways, buckled train lines, kerosene based airliners, starving nations, disappearing species and global inequalities of energy, education, health, freedom and opportunity? Ventures is all about looking in the mirror, recognising the true extent of the challenge we face together as a sector and moving onto the brilliant, innovative solutions now available for purposeful, sustainable design and delivery of our ever-powerful medium of global business events”.

The clock is ticking! So, if you share our values and mission for long-term sustainable success, don’t delay and register to attend micebook Ventures22 now – only the most courageous and optimistic business event leaders need apply.

Be part of the change, and join leaders from OrangeDoor, Sledge, Broadsword, Marina Bay Sands, Rocco Forte, Pure Arabia, Iconic Luxury Hotels and Just The Letter B, among many more.

Find out more here or email us at [email protected] for more information and to join us on 31st October – 2nd November

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