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Experience a summit like no other at micebook Ventures. Designed for purpose-driven leaders in the event industry, Ventures is founded on the principle of fostering meaningful connections through 1:1 buyer-supplier meetings.

Ventures 2024: Unveiling the Future in Post-Olympics Paris

Join us in the vibrant city of Paris for Ventures 2024, where we embark on a journey of innovation and sustainability. La Zone Grand Paris’24 is setting the jump bar tantalizingly high, but how is the City of Light really doing in the Race to Zero? In the aftermath of the Olympics, Paris offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the power of events as a Force for Good. At Ventures, we’re not just chasing gold; we’re striving for green

Sustainable Travel with Eurostar

Embark on a sustainable rail adventure with Eurostar, showcasing their commitment to eco-friendly international travel. With a carbon footprint 96% lower than flying from London to Paris, Eurostar sets the stage for a transformative summit experience.

2024 themes

Delve into two major themes, in the words of Bill Gates: “Getting Around” and “Building Things.” Explore the future of transportation and urbanization while addressing the biggest challenges confronting our world today.

Jet Zero or Bust

Exploring the future of aviation and sustainable transport solutions.

Cities of The Future

Deciphering the best destinations for major events amidst urbanization and climate challenges.

Why join micebook Ventures Chapter III
  • 2 days of unmissable networking in Post-Olympic Paris
  • 20  one-to-one meetings with senior agency and corporate buyers
  • Unparalleled education on better business and learnings from Paris – A city of the future with Out-of-industry speakers
  • Networking opportunities, activities, accommodation and thought-provoking content
  • 2 days of unmissable networking in Post-Olympic Paris
  • One-to-one meetings with suppliers to learn about the latest sustainable practices
  • Hosted buyer package including Eurostar ticket, accommodation, transfers and meals
  • Unparalleled education on better business and learnings from Paris – A city of the future
  • Out-of-industry speakers

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