micebook Ventures 5 - 7 June 2023

Chapter II: ReWilding Your Business, Restoring Our World

micebook Ventures is a sustainable summit for purpose-driven event industry leaders, which is founded on the 1:1 buyer-supplier meetings model but with a unique twist, themed around the concept of Rebuilding Better.

Chapter I taught us how mankind has become the dominant, most destructive force on Planet Earth and that it is the responsibility of business big and small to play its part in tackling the impact, not only of the climate emergency, but of global inequality, political extremism, social deprivation and inadequate leadership.

Starting Monday 05 June 2023, the date on which World Overshoot Day is revealed, we’re evolving the ideas, education and solutions available to the particular needs of the Meetings and Events sector by exploring why we must avoid the Sixth Extinction of our rich and varied biosphere and what can we learn from Mother Nature about how we organise, measure and value the part of our lives that still occupies most of our waking time?  After all: How can we do any form of business on a planet that is dying?

THE BIG DEBATE - This house believes that...

``Unless we give Mother Nature a seat at the business events table, carbon measurement and reduction are pointless``

  • You control at least £500k in UK & international event business
  • You manage & operate within a much larger turnover agency, corporate or institution
  • You direct event delivery choices in environment, health, technology & education
  • You are looking for new live and online solutions, fit for C21 purpose
  • You contribute to debate, openly sharing ideas with industry peers
  • You embrace a sustainably-measured, 100% meat-free event
  • You take responsibility for your carbon footprint levy, based on personal travel choices
  • You will attend in-person to meet senior trade suppliers of all types: UK-Ireland (50%) & EMEA (50%)

What’s Included? 

  • 2 nights fully hosted at the all-new Birch Selsdon
  • 20 in person buyer-supplier meetings
  • Unparalleled educational value throughout
  • You show Sustainability & socially purposed practices within your event services
  • You value long-term Relationships over short-term connections
  • You are a key influencer helping clients achieve best financial and operational value
  • You like to shift towards engagement, learning and experiential networking – while socialising and having some fun in the process
  • You will attend in-person to meet current best buyers: UK-Ireland (80%) & Europe (20%)
  • You embrace a sustainably-measured, 100% meat-free event
  • You take responsibility for your carbon footprint levy, based on personal travel choices

What to Expect

Plant the seeds of your new business relationship over two mornings of online buyer-supplier meetings; designed to enable more diverse, inclusive and beneficial connections and a more dynamic experience through hybrid, experiential and immersive.

  • Afternoon buyer-supplier meetings after check-in at Novotel Paddington Village
  • Welcome to The Knowledge Quarter!
  • Keynote debate with experts from business, science, education & creative industries
  • Networking drinks & dinner, high-up inside Spaces at The Spine – meat & fast-fashion free!
  • Wake-Up Wellness options & morning buyer-supplier meetings – Spaces at The Spine
  • Designing The Future – ReBuilding Better in a post-imperial Northern Powerhouse
  • Green kitchen lunch with panoramic Merseyside views
  • Transforming the world of events for good – Insight through experience; Environment, Technology and Health
  • Liverpool Cathedral Gala Dinner – one of the UK’s most spectacular event venues with social purpose
  • Wake-Up Wellness options & morning buyer-supplier meetings
  • Discover yet another of Liverpool’s most perfectly formed venues for C21 events
  • Light lunch pre-departure from one of Eurovision 2023’s top three favourite cities

    micebook ventures

    5th June - 7th June 2023

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