• September 24, 2019

Three top incentive experiences in Cambodia

Three top incentive experiences in Cambodia

Three top incentive experiences in Cambodia 1024 683 micebook.

Cambodia enthrals visitors with its compelling history, fascinating heritage, abundance of untouched countryside and heart-warming people who are happy to share their unique culture. The destination offers an abundance of unforgettable experiences for incentive groups and Destination Asia Cambodia shares three of the best…

Angkor Wat

Watching the sun rise over the Angkor Wat Temple Complex – the most important archaeological site in Southeast Asia, the largest existing religious monument in the world and the national symbol of Cambodia – is a true bucket-list experience. The temple represents one of mankind’s most astonishing and enduring architectural achievements covering over 400 km2, including vast swathes of forest.

Meanwhile, Ta Prohm or, the ‘Jungle Temple’, has been left largely in its natural state since its discovery by French explorers. Surrounded by wild vines and plants, its labyrinth of stone hallways has been smothered with the roots and limbs of massive banyan trees, enveloping the stone to create an eerie yet mystical atmosphere.

It is one of the largest temples within the Angkor Temple Complex and was the setting for many scenes from the box office film Tomb Raider, so make like Lara Croft and get exploring.


If beach time is on the agenda, Cambodia’s southern coastline offers diversity through its national parks, seaside resorts, outlying islands and charming towns such as Kampot and Kep. Kampot is a small quiet town on the Tuk Chhou River, just five kilometers inland from the sea.

It’s a charming riverside town with a relaxed atmosphere that never fails to capture the hearts and imaginations of those who visit. No journey to Southern Cambodia should miss Kampot – or its close neighbour, Kep. This former playground of the French and Cambodian elite is making a steady comeback as Southern Cambodia’s favourite beach destination.

In recent years Kep has been re-invigorated and now offers boutique accommodation and a selection of larger hotels along with countless dining opportunities; famous for its fresh seafood an absolute must-try is the local Kep Crab. With its relaxed ambiance and peaceful coastline, Kep is the ideal place to while away some afternoons.

Phare Cambodian Circus

This experience is ideal for incentive groups keen to include a CSR element and give back to the Khmer community. Discover the birthplace of Phare Ponleu Selpak Association on a visit to the Performing Art School of Battambang. The school and association provide education as well as support to the local communities through art. Here groups can take part in a workshop and become part of this artistic project for an afternoon.

Following by the visit of the ‘Big Top’ circus. This memorable circus show is performed by some of the incredible artists guests have met during their afternoon activities. The show is helping to transform the lives of many Cambodian youth by giving them a new focus and sense of pride.

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