4 - 6 November 2024

micebook Ventures Chapter III

All set to unfold in post-Olympics Paris, offering a unique opportunity to explore
lessons from one of the world’s greatest events and delve into the concept of events as a Force for Good..



    “Sorry you won’t be able to join us – hope to see you at a future micebook event”.

    Event Overview

    £140 committment fee

    • Depart London St Pancras at 9:31am on private first-class Eurostar carriage.
    • 12:48pm arrive Paris Gard Du Nord
    • Afternoon buyer-supplier meetings, content and check in at TOO Hotel Paris
    • Keynote debate with experts from aviation, business, science and creative industries following by networking evening
    • Experience Paris through practical purpose activities designed for transforming the world of events for good
    • Buyer-Supplier meetings
    • Gala Dinner
    • Discover more of post-olympic Paris
    • 4:12pm Depart Paris on Eurostar First Class carriage
    • Arrive London St Pancras at 5:30pm

    What to expect

    In 2024, micebook Ventures will explore two transformative themes: Jet Zero or Bust and Smart City Futures. These themes aim to change the landscape of business events, moving beyond traditional practices and towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

    Jet Zero focuses on the future of travel in the event industry, particularly reducing reliance on fossil-fuel aviation. Our partnership with Eurostar, which reduces CO2 emissions by 96% across Europe, exemplifies this commitment to low-emission solutions. We will delve into insights from experts, scientists, and airlines on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and explore how new mobility solutions can enhance delegate connections and event engagement.

    Smart City Futures examines which cities are leading the way in climate, social, and healthcare resilience. We’ll discuss the impact of urbanization and migration on economies and communities and how to choose the best destinations for meaningful business events. La Zone Grand Paris is setting high standards for sustainability, and we will analyze its progress in the Race to Zero and what other cities can learn from its example.


    Stuart Goldsmith

    Award-winning comedian, podcaster, speaker and comedy expert, Climate Comedy

    Sean Currie

    Campaigner, Stay Grounded

    Humankind Lior Steinbeg

    Lior Steinberg is an urban planner and co-founder of Humankind, a Rotterdam-based agency for urban change.

    He helps cities to look beyond functionality and to plan urban spaces that make people smile. All the projects Lior participates in have one thing in common: they create people-oriented cities. Being a Jane Jacobs enthusiast and a fan of great public spaces, he is keen on making cities better with an emphasis on local, innovative interventions and on including residents in urban planning.


    We are living challenging times. Cities play a central role in the future of humankind and are hubs for positive change. They can foster sustainable presents and better futures.Humankind is specialized in accelerating urban change towards cities that are human and kind to ourselves, others and our planet. We apply a combination of transition management with design research in an iterative process to make sure we are not only designing things right but also designing the right thing.

    Event Partners

    Official Tech Partner

    Grip is the AI-powered event platform built for business relationships. It helps event organizers like SXSW, RX and Clarion Events establish, maintain and track relationships between participants over multiple events. This is possible because Grip goes beyond networking. It combines AI with billions of interactions happening across the platform and an intuitive mobile event app so participants meet the right people at the right time. This results in organizers benefitting from better event satisfaction scores, increased growth and ultimately, higher revenues.

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