The Streets
Echoes of the Past - Beats of the Present - Pathways to Future

The Retreat Berlin

4 – 6 DEC 2023

In partnership with visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office, we are proud to announce Berlin as the host city for our third annual nineteen Agency Leader’s Retreat.

Step away from the day-to-day and join us on a three-day Retreat, where you will be immersed into The Streets of Berlin; Hear the echoes of it’s Past, feel the beats of it’s Present and explore pathways to the Future! 

Beyond being a cultural hub, Berlin’s contrasting facets of classic architecture, vibrant art and alternative scenes offer valuable lessons at a leadership or executive level. The city’s journey from division to unity exemplifies the importance of inclusive leadership and fostering collaboration and at this year’s Retreat, we aim to offer a leadership experience that unfolds across the city’s iconic streets. 

Host Hotel

Hotel Telegraphenamt Berlin

“Stay in History. And Experience Today’s Berlin.” 

The opening line for this iconic hotel, ties in perfectly with the theme of our event for The Retreat Berlin; where we will look to The Streets of Berlin and the stories we can learn from Berlin’s past, present and future.

Built between 1910 and 1916, the Telegraphenamt stands as a testament to Germany’s postal and telecommunications heritage, serving as the epicenter of a groundbreaking telephone network, all whilst its contemporary comforts and timeless allure reflect the essence of today’s Berlin.

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