At the most critical time in the history of our sector, we need One Voice for a clear definition & representation of our One Industry, to leverage the power of unity and ensure our collective messages be heard & acted upon.

One Industry One Voice is a coalition of events industry campaigns, associations and businesses, coming together to ensure strong alignment and more effective communication, championing awareness and financial support for the whole industry. Objectives include ensuring:

  1. Coordination of campaign timings
  2. Consistency of data and statistics to accurately reflect the industry numbers
  3. Alignment on asks and communication to Government
  4. Amplification of key messaging and mutual support to promote each campaigns activities
One Industry One Voice includes representatives from campaigns including:

Further campaigns are represented by their representative associations. If you feel that your campaign, association or business is not currently represented please get in touch.


A weekly taskforce comprising representatives from key organisations has been set up to coordinate planning and communications.

The taskforce is led by umbrella trade organisation the Business Visits and Events Partnerships (BVEP) – which represents the conference, exhibition and outdoor events sector, supported by representative from UK Live Music Group which represents the UK’s live music industry, as well as events and entertainment technology trade association The Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA).

It also has representatives from the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) which represents the night time economy, the Events Industry Forum (EIF) representing outdoor events, What About Weddings representing the weddings sector and the PSA, who are the trade association for live event production companies and freelancers.

The latest addition is #PROJECTRECOVERY, bringing together members from the AEO (Association of Event Organisers), AEV (Association of Event Venues) and ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association).

“Many different industry sectors will be looking to government for additional help and assistance, alongside the more public/corporate targeting with the narrative of confidence and expertise. So it will be critical to ensure that messaging with the various target audiences are aligned across the extended eco-system that comprises the whole of the event industry in the UK and the extensive supply chain that supports many thousands of livelihoods and enriches the lives of millions of people from all parts of society.”

Simon Hughes, Chair of the BVEP

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Without further economic support we could see 525,000 of those jobs disappear by February 2020. If business events don’t restart until mid 2021 the loss in visitor spend to the UK will be £31billion.

80% of events and exhibition companies responding to a recent survey stated that they were ineligible for grants available to retail/hospitality/leisure businesses based on rateable value.

The UK is losing competitive advantage – by November we will be the only developed Nation not operating its business events sector.

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UK Event Industry employment numbers


Business & Trade Events



Total Events



Leisure & Consumer Events


one industry one voice

Founding Supporters..a few of many...

One Industry One Voice

The story so far...

One Industry One Voice

The Campaigns - Overview

#WeCreateExperiences is a planned campaign developed out of the core industry sectors’ coalition forming One Industry One Voice, involved in delivering the diverse and varied range of event experiences across corporate events, experiential and brand activations, mass sports participation, weddings and private functions, exhibitions and trade shows, fashion, charity and cultural events.

Their cross-industry mandate has been founded on the support of agencies, venues, organisers, trade associations, freelance creative talent, crewing companies, haulage operators, hotels and catering suppliers and other individual supporters. Their One Industry One Voice collective mandate, led by the BVEP, has the #wecreateexperiences campaign targeted for early/mid November, clearly targeting the general public and corporate buyers in a positive way through the national press. It aims to reassure, inspire and educate them about the importance of shared experiences in our lives, experiences that can adhere to new safety guidelines delivered by the UK events industry, global leaders in delivering professionally managed events.

#WeMakeEvents, is responsible for the 11th August event in London and the Global Action Day on 30th September that included 28 countries and 17 regions up and down the entire UK. The campaign is an industry-run collective of hundreds of UK & international businesses, including manufacturers, production providers, and freelance specialists, and is focussed on the direct impact of the closure of live performance and entertainment venues, affecting the highly-skilled technical workforce, suppliers and the extended supply chain involved in delivering live performances.

There are key aspects to the campaign; firstly, securing extensive government support to enable efforts to trial viable ‘back to work’ scenarios along with financial support until they can safely return. The second focus is on being a champion for people in the events sector, offering support at a time when mental health is being severely tested and to raise funds to provide support for them, their families and industry charities. The campaign continues on with the Survival tour with other initiatives planned in November.

#LetTheMusicPlay began in July 2020 when 3,000 artists, industry members and crew signed a letter to culture secretary Oliver Dowden calling for support for the £4.5bn live music industry, and to safeguard its 210,000 workers. The high profile campaign achieved hundreds of millions of social media hits, trended at No. 1 on Twitter worldwide, and helped secure addition funding for the sector as part of the Government’s £1.57bn Cultural Recovery Fund.

A divested campaign, #LetTheMusicPlay is coordinated by the UK Live Music Group with strong input from UK Music, artists organisations and other bodies across the music space. The UK Live Music Group is campaigning for a three-year extension to the reduced cultural VAT rate on tickets, a Government-backed reinsurance scheme to allow shows to go ahead next year, further financial support for the sector until it can reopen, and a conditional timeline for re-opening venues without social distancing.

The #WhatAboutWeddings campaign is for everyone in the wedding sector: from couples whose weddings have been impacted, to businesses whose livelihoods are under threat. Our aim is to highlight awareness and address the critical need for assistance and clarity for our £14.7bn, seasonal industry paralysed by the effects of the pandemic restrictions which have not been lifted in any recognisable form for wedding ceremonies and celebrations.

#WhatAboutWeddings is delighted to unite with our colleagues in the wider events industry on defining solutions for our sector which has been paralysed by the pandemic restrictions. Together #oneindustryonevoice can highlight awareness of the huge collective enrichment we all bring to many areas of peoples’ lives across the country.

Sarah Haywood Weddings & Celebrations

The #SaveLiveComedy campaign was initially launched in July by the Live Comedy Association to highlight the particular needs of the comedy industry, and to lobby for comedy’s inclusion in the £1.57bn announced for arts & culture. The campaign trended at #1 in the UK for eight hours with support from venues & promoters across the country and comics including Jack Whitehall, Nish Kumar, Aisling Bea, and Frankie Boyle

#SaveLiveComedy was launched with a first of its kind survey into the work of the industry and how it had been affected in the first months of the pandemic, highlighting the support needed to stop venue from closing, and the numbers of freelancers in the industry who had fallen through the gaps of any government support. #SaveLiveComedy and the LCA continue to push for government as the pandemic continues and the lack of sector-specific support continues.

We’re delighted that #SaveLiveComedy is joining forces with other events & arts industry campaigns under the #OneIndustryOneVoice banner. The continued lack of recognition of how our industries function continues to threaten many lives and livelihoods with disastrous consequences, and we’re proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our colleagues across the sector.

Brid Kirby & Owen Donovan, Live Comedy Association

The Night Time Industries Association –

The NTIA is the voice for the Night Time Economy Business sector and works to increase awareness and understanding of its economic and cultural contribution and benefits. It seeks to influence the decisions of policymakers and ensure that the night time economy continues to flourish, supporting regeneration, creating jobs and enhancing the UK’s international reputation.

#Savenightlife  is the grassroots nationwide movement supported by the record labels, agencies, promoters and the public. UK nightlife is under threat. Increasingly strict licensing laws, rising property prices, new housing too close to existing venues, and a lack of understanding about the benefits of night culture have all played their part in eroding our nightlife. The statistics tell the same story: in the last decade, the number of UK clubs and live music venues has almost halved. We are building a collective of people who are concerned for nightlife and who can raise their voices together in support of it: together we can shape the cities of the future.

#LetUsDance Campaign was initially established to ensure that contemporary music culture was included within the Government’s cultural funding mechanism during the pandemic, with a long term goal of elevating the economic and cultural significance of contemporary electronic music across the UK,

This cross association campaign brings together members from the AEO (Association of Event Organisers), AEV (Association of Event Venues) and ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) to formulate and implement consistent, timely and relevant communications across the three sides of the business events industry – event organisers, venues and suppliers. The goal is to inform and engage stakeholders on the work the associations are doing to facilitate the safe resurgence of events, at the earliest opportunity.

Although initially developed as Project Confidence, the group is currently operating under Project Recovery whilst it works back towards a green light from the government. Now seven months in, the three main campaign hashtags #ProjectConfidence#ProjectRecovery and #ANationWithoutEvents have generated a combined total of almost 18 million impressions.




One Industry One Voice


The One Industry One Voice movement and #WeCreateExperiences campaign were conceived by Rick Stainton, executive group director at creative agency Smyle, who put the concepts forward at Mash Media’s #GetBritainMeeting summit in July and is fronted by the BVEP’s Simon Hughes.

Group Executive Director, Smyle

Rick Stainton

Chair of the BVEP

Simon Hughes

Director, Ethix Management

Paul Jones

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