M&A Connection Service

At micebook, we understand the importance of strategic connections in the ever-evolving landscape of the events sector. Our M&A Connection Service is designed to facilitate meaningful connections amongst our Agency Leader community who are exploring opportunities; whether that’s an ambition to merge, exit, acquire or sell your company.

How it works

Share Your Vision

Start your M&A journey by sharing crucial information about your agency’s current position and aspirations

Engage with Allpoints

Meet our dedicated facilitators, to delve deeper into your company details, positioning, and ambitions.

Tailored Recommendations

Allpoints review your information and identifying potential partners that perfectly align with your agency’s goals and vision.

Guided Discussions

Allpoints reach out to discuss potential matches, facilitate connections and provide essential support.

Facilitated by Trusted Partners

  • This no-obligation introduction service is expertly facilitated by our trusted partners, Allpoints. They ensure a seamless connection between agencies exploring M&A opportunities within the events sector.

Handling Associated Fees

  • Any associated fees pertaining to the service will be directly managed with and communicated by Allpoints.

Commission Disclosure

  • For facilitating this introduction, micebook may receive a commission. Rest assured, this commission does not affect your engagement with Allpoints and is solely for the introduction service provided.

Confidentiality and NDA Assurance

  • At micebook, we prioritise trust and privacy. When engaging with our partners, Allpoints, your information remains confidential. Allpoints offers a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) upon contact, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.
  • If preferred, early-stage NDAs can be arranged to secure your information throughout the process.

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