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Why exhibit at micebook EXPO 2023

We’ll connect you with the people that matter most in your business and give you everything you need to navigate change and stay ahead of the curve.

Meet the best UK corporate and agency buyers across two days to kick off 2023 with a bang. Expect meaningful connections. powerful content, and a thriving community, together with a warm micebook smile.

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With this positive momentum behind us and a wave of new ideas and fresh thinking, 2023 will be even better.

Exhibitor Registration

If you are interested in exhibiting and reaching our network of high quality event planners, we have a range of exhibitor options available. Our micebook members are leading corporate and agency planners, and we are committed to high-quality events, combined with a dynamic collaborative approach with our event partners. Here’s just a snapshot of what you can expect:

  • A boutique expo with immersive and experiential opportunities
  • Pre-scheduled meeting times in the mornings and free flow and educationals in the afternoon.
  • Over 500 eventprofs walking the floor over 2 days
  • Quality audience with UK event planners, nineteen Agency Leaders, V Awards winning agencies, EMA corporate partners and more…..
Table for One
Table for Two
2m x 1m£3,000
Petit Zone (up to 4 partners)2m x 2m£8,000
Moyen Zone (up to 6 partners)3m x 2m£12,000
Grande Zone (up to 8 partners) 4m x 2m£16,000

Please apply below for EXPO 2023. Limited Spaces

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