• July 4, 2024

Event spotlight: Broadsword shows B2B doesn’t have to be boring

Event spotlight: Broadsword shows B2B doesn’t have to be boring

Event spotlight: Broadsword shows B2B doesn’t have to be boring 1024 682 micebook.

Event communications agency Broadsword celebrated Bold Brave Brands in the B2B landscape at the third instalment of its thought leadership event, B. Inspired.

Senior event, marketing, and communication professionals came together in London to dispel the myth that B2B campaigns and events are dull and lacking in creativity.

The session started with Broadsword strategy director Matt Green who talked through the origins of brand and how the marking of a cow in 950AD Norway has metamorphosised into how we perceive identity today.

Green stated: “if you get to a certain level of market salience, your brand can permeate into people’s minds at a subconscious level. If done well, you don’t even need the company name or even to see the whole thing”.

Following on a panel of experts included M&G (who are colouring outside of the lines when it comes to campaigns in a highly regulated industry), EY (who are creating successful events measured by human connection), Illusion Design and Construct (who produce engaging experiences from Glastonbury sets to Secret Cinema).

Joining them, Broadsword’s creative lead shared how the agency creates the space for bravery and creativity to thrive.

The key takeaways were that bravery in a B2B world often lies in leaning into the power of emotion and appealing to human drives such as humour and personalisation, small ideas can lead to a big impact and help to balance creativity with stakeholder constraints, and planners must always keep in mind their purpose and objectives which tie all these elements together.

Broadsword’s head of commercial development Diane Carters who moderated the panel commented: “B2B advertising and events do get tagged as dull in comparison with their B2C counterparts, but today’s panel demonstrated that creativity and bravery are very much alive and kicking in the corporate sector.”


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