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5 of the best sunrise experiences for groups

5 of the best sunrise experiences for groups

5 of the best sunrise experiences for groups 1024 684 micebook.

Henriette Speed, director at UK representation company, on why the early bird catches the best experiences…

We’re not normally ones to spring out of bed for breath work and journaling, getting a head start on emails and running a half marathon by the time most people are having their first coffee. We tend to ease into our day a bit more gently.

There are exceptions though. We have been known to spring out of bed, however bleary-eyed, for an early morning safari in the South African bush. Bonus if you can add an extra special element (if that isn’t already bucket list enough for you), like breakfast in the bush, with the backdrop of birdsong and other animal sounds, or to go rhino notching in an effort to save this extremely endangered beast.

We’ve had chai by the roadside in Jaipur with the sun just appearing above the horizon as we climbed into our tuk tuk for a tour of the city as it came to life, visiting the flower market and getting to the main attractions before the crowds swarmed in.

Our DMC partners have plenty of reasons to get you to rise early. Here’s just a few experiences we feel it’s worth getting out of bed for, whatever the time…

Masai Mara balloon safari

There’s your typical safari in a jeep, by boat in Botswana, and even on foot to get into the real detail, but the most exhilarating safari has to be the view from above in a hot air balloon.

Picture yourself floating as the sun paints the sky in hues of pink and orange, while below, the Masai Mara comes to life with herds of elephants and graceful giraffes. It’s not just about the views; it’s about connecting with nature on a deeper level. And to top it off, Green Route Africa can organise the perfect Champagne breakfast in the bush at the end.

Fairy chimneys balloon flight

Another hot-air balloon flight, but this time with ODS Turkey with the ethereal Cappadocia landscape as the backdrop. Mention Cappadocia and the first image to come to mind is surely this one, with at times, hundreds of balloons taking flight in the early dawn.

Soar high above the lunar landscape, and then swoop down to get close up views of the cave dwellings and the fittingly named fairy chimneys. It really does feel like a land of make believe. A lavish Champagne breakfast awaits on touch down, with local cheeses, olives and freshly made bread.

Annapurna sunrise in Nepal

We didn’t think it could get any better after a day trekking in the picturesque Pokhara Valley in Nepal with Incent India, visiting the bee keepers – their honey tea giving us the extra energy for the last stretch to our lodge. That evening, the local women cooked us a restorative and delicious dinner. Our guide strummed his guitar as we gathered round the fire, before falling into a deep slumber.

The next morning, with a hot water bottle tucked into my jacket, sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee, we watched the Annapurna range reveal itself in all its splendour as the sun rose above the majestic mountains. I still get goosebumps!

Visit the Vatican at dawn

Unlock a private tour of the Vatican with the master key keeper, or clavigero, to experience the stillness of the Vatican at dawn, before the 20,000+ other visitors clamour in.

Starting at the monumental entrance gate, you will pass through the Atrium of the Four Gates, the spiralling Simonetti Staircase, unlocking doors and switching on the lights through the various galleries, and finally, the Sistine Chapel to marvel at the genius of Michelangelo’s frescoes.

Then tuck into a delicious breakfast in the Vatican’s courtyard, the Cortile della Pigna. It’s one of the many exclusive experiences Mutika EMC Italy can organise for groups.

Jeeps & birdwatching in Sintra

Set off in jeeps from Sintra to discover the most well-hidden places this UNESCO World Heritage Site has to offer. Experience all the thrills of off-road driving, plunging through mud and water before stopping to relish the breathtaking dawn views from its hilltops.

As the sun rises, seize the perfect moment to partake in a unique birdwatching experience, observing rare species in their natural habitat – an exclusive activity with Voqin’ Portugal reserved only for the brave souls willing to rise with the sun.


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