• March 19, 2024

Creating enriching live experiences in 2024

Creating enriching live experiences in 2024

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Giant iTab, which partnered with micebook for our 2024 EXPO in January, gives the lowdown on why giant smartphones provide enriching user experiences at live events…

We all know how much live events rely on the tenacity of event planners and venues pulling together to create marvellous exhibition spaces, and the creative agencies that help exhibitors engage with their target audience on a human level – it’s very much a people driven industry and there’s no better alternative in our opinion!

That being said, how do we enrich that overall USER experience using THE LATEST EVENT tech?

Recent studies have shown that physical tech at events is the way forward!

“Diving into the realm of event marketing, one cannot ignore the compelling statistic reflecting how nearly half (49%) of marketers have harnessed the power of interactive kiosks and touch screens. This intriguing figure accentuates the significance of such innovative technological tools in captivating the attention of potential customers and enhancing their overall event experience. Furthermore, this trend underscores the necessity for marketers to embrace and integrate such interactive elements into their strategies to stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving landscape of event marketing.”

This is great… but it only answers half the question (why giant SMARTPHONES?).

Giant iTab recently supported Confex, Event Production Show and The PA Show 2024 delivering 18 Giant Smartphones outside each of the theatre hubs; showcasing real-time live updates of the of the speaker schedules.

Here’s what Ewan Parker, Head of Operations at Mash Media had to say: “Once again Giant iTab played a crucial role in helping us deliver a fantastic event with their giant smartphones at the forefront of the busiest theatre attendance on record in all three of our shows’ history!

“We choose to work with Giant iTab as our “Official Suppliers” year on, year out, not just because they deliver on their promises and help us to create better visitor experiences, their Giant Smartphone solution encompasses all the engagement features we need: ENGAGEMENT, WOW-FACTOR, VALUE, FAMILIARITY etc. which enables us to create better visibility for our exhibitors and delegates while creating better brand interaction for our sponsors too. They’re a highly professional team of people with amazing tech. and a truly valued partner.”

Check out the video below!

The smartphone is undoubtedly the most significant digital device of today. The familiar ‘Giant Smartphone’ “look and feel” has now become an essential component for planners, exhibitors and delegates for enhancing their events and conferences worldwide.

If you’re looking to deliver a better visitor experience for your next event using the latest engagement tools in the event space, get in touch with Giant iTab now!

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