• January 12, 2024

Charting New Horizons: A New Year’s Journey with OpenAudience

Charting New Horizons: A New Year’s Journey with OpenAudience

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Leslie Robertson, CEO & founder of Open Audience, kicks off the new year with a poetic look at how the audience engagement consultancy can help event profs unlock the potential of AI (with a little help from his AI friends, naturally)…

In this confluence of past and future, clear and bright,`
A new year unfolds, shimmering with light.
In the dance of live, virtual, hybrid scenes,
Join hands with OpenAudience, our dreams convene.

In the live event’s vibrant, pulsating heart,
Where human connections get a fresh start,
OpenAudience crafts with skill and grace,
Turning gatherings into an embrace.

In virtual spaces, where imagination soars,
Where digital threads open new doors,
OpenAudience weaves with AI’s smart thread,
Creating experiences that forward tread.

In the hybrid blend of near and far,
Where two worlds unite like a shining star,
OpenAudience guides with expertise,
Melding moments with seamless ease.

From first thought to final, splendid sight,
With OpenAudience, ideas take flight.
In the AI-driven creation spree,
We unlock potentials, vast as the sea.

In the art of delivery, smooth and refined,
OpenAudience’s touch, uniquely designed.
With AI’s precision in our toolset,
Every event’s a perfect vignette.

Metrics unfold with AI’s keen eye,
OpenAudience discerns the how and why.
In this realm of data and insightful guide,
Together, strategic paths we stride.

In the future’s embrace, rapid and bright,
With OpenAudience, prospects alight.
In this voyage of events, vast and wide,
We’re your partners, by your side.

To the year ahead, a journey we acclaim,
With OpenAudience, not just a name.
In live, virtual, hybrid – in each tale,
Together, with AI, we set sail.

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