• September 15, 2023

HeadBox launches sustainability tool

HeadBox launches sustainability tool

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HeadBox, a platform for planning meetings and events, has launched a new tool that helps corporate clients reduce their carbon emissions by making more sustainable venue choices.

Journeys, the first in a new suite of sustainable event solutions called HeadBox Zero, allows event bookers to enter attendees’ travel details so they can compare the projected travel emissions for each venue option provided and quickly see which is the lowest.

Up to 80% of carbon emissions for in-person events comes from travel to and from the venue. This means the location of a chosen venue has the single biggest impact on how sustainable an event is.

Journeys will help HeadBox Business users make more informed choices at the point where they can make the biggest difference on their event’s impact

Most solutions in the market measure an event’s impact after it has taken place in the hope that the emissions can be offset. HeadBoxinstead helps companies with emissions reduction by giving event organisers the information they need to make greener choices before an event is booked – when they are deciding on their venue and its location.

With HeadBox Business clients including Sky, L’Oréal, Accenture and EDF Energy working towards ambitious net zero emissions targets, HeadBox Zero is a series of digital tools to help businesses reduce their environmental impact when booking meetings and events.

A Director at DC Advisory commented: HeadBox Zero is an innovative tool that provides companies with the ability to deliver meetings and events programme sustainably by providing the data needed at the decision-making point to reduce carbon emissions from events.”

Andrew Needham, HeadBox’s CEO added: “By working closely with our corporate customers, many of whom have commitments to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025, we have launched Journeys, the first in a suite of ground-breaking sustainability tools, that will help bookers, at the point of decision, choose the greenest option for their event. HeadBox Zero will allow businesses to make greener choices to reduce emissions, measure their impact and make a real difference to their company’s journey to Net Zero.”


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