• May 24, 2023

isla releases sustainability ‘temperature check’ report

isla releases sustainability ‘temperature check’ report

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Events industry body isla has released its sustainability ‘temperature check’ report which combines insights from TRACE, its event carbon measurement platform, and wider membership community.

Launched at its flagship 2023 event held in Kew Gardens last week, the report – a temperature check 2022-2023, gives insights into where event emissions come from and highlights how the industry can harness data to support businesses.

Companies using TRACE recorded data about their energy use, transportation, catering, materials used, and waste generated. The report analyses data from 127 events held in the UK between April 2022 to January 2023, with an average carbon footprint estimated at 6kg CO2e per guest, and 2t CO2e per event.

Data was broken down emissions for all events, considering outcomes both with and without audience travel data. According to the report, audience travel accounts for the most (around a third) of emissions, but when excluding audience travel, production materials are the next largest impact area. Crew travel and transport were also responsible for a significant proportion of emissions.

The report reveals for the first time that different events have different emission profiles, for example conferences and exhibitions have a very different impact than dinners and parties, highlighting that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not the best when it comes to reduction strategies.

It also highlights why the concepts of climate literacy and carbon instinct are key to business transformation against the backdrop of the climate crisis and explores how organisations can reframe key challenges on the path to event decarbonisation as opportunities, and how the events industry can work together to harness the power of collaborative advantage.

From high-profile brands to logistics organisations, isla works collaboratively across stakeholders and the report includes insights from various organisations across the event ecosystem. It exemplifies the best of TRACE in action with case studies from across the sector, including leading event agencies Amplify, Momentum and The Creative Engagement Group.

isla CEO & founder Anna Abdelnoor said: “The climate crisis is happening now, and action to address it must continue at pace. The industry has been crying out for the insight and guidance it needs to take meaningful action to address climate change. Achieving Net Zero faces a myriad of challenges ranging from a lack of coherent policy to perceived barriers to moving from ‘business as usual’ to businesses fit for the future. This report will act as a beacon for the industry.”

Rebecca Lardeur, climate Strategist and report lead, added: “This report breaks new ground in event data. It is so much more than a collection of facts and figures. It is a coming together of an industry that has collaborated to put sustainability into practice and ask hard questions. The report shows where we stand, potential bold steps to take and how we can start defining a future tomorrow. I feel excited to see how much progress has been made, and I am confident this report can push this dial further for the industry.”

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