• February 24, 2023

Live Group launches audience profiling tool for events 

Live Group launches audience profiling tool for events 

Live Group launches audience profiling tool for events  1024 683 micebook.

Global events and engagement agency Live Group has launched an audience-profiling tool for the events industry.

Spearheaded by newly appointed Head of Audience, Bruce Rose, AudienceDNA is designed to give organisations rich insight into their audiences to help them create content that’s customised for every attendee, to increase engagement, ROI and results.

“For too long, the events industry has ignored the diversity of its audiences to deliver ‘one-size-fits-most’ experiences. But people have changed. Everyone now expects personalised, engaging experiences at work and play – thanks to entertainment apps, they are acutely aware of what technology can do and they expect the same instant access, easy to use, personalised experiences. With AudienceDNA, this is now possible in the events space,” he said.

He added that by tailoring every aspect of an event to its audience, it opens the door to people who previously may have felt excluded within the industry, such as the neurodiverse. “Making events more inclusive and accessible is one our key pillars at Live Group, and AudienceDNA is a cornerstone in this revolution.”

Available exclusively to Live Group clients, AudienceDNA enables organisations to get under the skin of every single member of their audience by asking them to answer a few of simple questions. Live Group analyses the data to determine the personality make-up of the audience and marries insight with intelligence to shape an event around the people attending it.

Several of Live Group’s government, financial services, and trading and investment clients are among those to have used AudienceDNA to shape their events during the pilot stage. The Global Office of the BDO organisation, a Live Group client, used Audience DNA to profile their delegates prior to a leadership conference in 2022.

Julia Johnson, Global Brand & Marketing Director at BDO commented: “Our objective was to obtain genuine engagement and participation from all those attending and the resulting detail of their personalities and preferences allowed us to respond to the different preferred learning styles amongst our delegates. The information also helped us to guide our speakers and presenters in building the right content and delivering an optimum engagement approach. A key learning, for example, was that peer-to-peer presentations are core for our leaders.”

BDO also used the profiling data to shape its pre-event communications, creating differing messaging formats for the different learning types, for example recognition, learning, social and experience.

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