• April 5, 2022

TBA and Virtual Brand Group announce metaverse partnership

TBA and Virtual Brand Group announce metaverse partnership

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Brand experience agency TBA Group has partnered with Virtual Brand Group to launch TBA’s clients across music, sports and entertainment into the metaverse.

The partnership, which will launch with TBA and VBG co-hosting an exclusive event for select brand clients, aims to offer the world’s first end-to-end “phygital” (physical to digital) experiential platform that delivers a seamless journey for consumers and brands that happen simultaneously in both worlds.

TBA Group consists of TBA plc, Top Banana, Velocity, VHE, Zest, LGA, and Optimum. VBG transforms brands by building and operating their metaverse business and communities across billions of consumers and all web 3.0 technologies, from social gaming to blockchain to NFTs and beyond.

Most recently, VBG successfully built and launched global fashion brand Forever 21’s immersive Roblox experience and avatar merchandise programme, partnering with over 30 of the world’s top digital designers.

TBA said the partnership will enable it to push creative boundaries and help clients to figure out their metaverse strategy to capitalise on this once in a generation growth opportunity.

Guy Horner, CEO of TBA Group, commented: “We are always seeking innovative ways to enhance the experiences that we create for our clients and their customers. Due to the impacts of Covid, interaction in the virtual world has accelerated offering brands the opportunity to co-exist, and co-create, in the virtual and physical world.

“It unlocks the opportunity for consumers to interact with products and experiences in a creative way that does not exist in a physical world. We are very excited about this opportunity with VBG and are already working with clients to put them in the metaverse, creating more immersive engaging experiences with greater scale and reach.”

Justin Hochberg, VBG’s CEO, said: “No matter what type of brand, no matter what sector, all consumer-facing brands need to seize this opportunity to experience first-hand the biggest shift in a generation to leapfrog their competitors. Put another way, ‘47% of Gen Z say they’ll discover brands through the metaverse’. TBA and VBG have the tools to make that happen.”

David Coulthard, Co-Founder of Velocity, part of TBA Group, added: “Our business is about creating experiences for our partners and it’s a logical next step for us to put brands into the metaverse. There is huge appetite right now to exploit metaverse opportunities as it expands the audience as well as extending the experience beyond a physical event.”

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