• September 20, 2021

Broadsword’s Anna Green on the agency’s rebrand

Broadsword’s Anna Green on the agency’s rebrand

Broadsword’s Anna Green on the agency’s rebrand 900 599 micebook.

Event communications agency Broadsword has unveiled a refreshed brand, visual identity, and website this week. So, we caught up with Managing Director Anna Green to find out more…

What’s the story behind the rebrand and why now?
Broadsword has evolved so much over the last 18 months, a refreshed brand and website felt like the right response. We’ve made some big decisions and reinvented ourselves, as well as diversifying our service offering. Building websites has been a big part of our work over the course of the pandemic, so we wanted to bring this knowledge to our own shop window.

What have been the biggest changes to your business over the past 18 months?
The way we work has obviously been one of the biggest changes – most of the team are permanently based at home. This has affected the way we communicate, collaborate, and generate ideas and solutions with our clients and with each other. Producing digital events has also been a big change, learning new skills and adapting our infrastructure and approach to suit the world of virtual. We were quite risk-averse pre-pandemic, but we’ve had to take a leap of faith, which has given us confidence and helped us embrace opportunity and focus on the future.

Although it’s been a challenging time, are there any positives that have come out of the pandemic, both from a business perspective and personally?
There has been a lot of positives. The determination to unite as a team has been overwhelming – although we are still physically apart, we are closer than ever. I feel we really know who we are now, the value we add, what our strengths are. Alongside this, I have grown in confidence as a leader and stepped out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, reaching out to my peers in the industry for help and support.

Balance and perspective have also been big positives. Many members of the Broadsword team have young children and being present for breakfast and bedtime has been wonderful. Personally, I have managed to juggle supporting my two teenagers with their GCSEs and A levels, caring for a very poorly husband and looking after Broadsword, mainly because I have spent most of the time at home.

What’s next for Broadsword?
Operating globally has been on the agenda for quite some time. We opened an entity in Hong Kong just before the pandemic which is really taking off thanks to our virtual event offering. We’re now looking to the US and planning to establish an entity there soon. Alongside this, we’re committed to nurturing young talent and creating a range of opportunities for the next generation of event professionals and leaders for our industry. We welcomed two new individuals to our team last week, both on Kickstart placements. At Broadsword we have a real family feel and a culture of learning; this is something we’re passionate to maintain as we grow.

On a separate note, you’ve recently taken on the role as a mentor for Evcom’s new Realise Award aimed at new industry talent. What interested you in taking on a mentoring role? And can we expect to see you involved in more projects like this?
I’ve had a lot of guidance and coaching throughout my career, which has been invaluable for the success of my business and for my own professional development. Being with people who empower you to be your authentic self is so important. Caring for Broadsword’s people is my mission and bringing out the best in each and every person is rooted in our success, creating a healthy, open and caring environment where a diverse group can thrive. I see the opportunity to mentor for Evcom’s Realise Award as a means to extend the support I offer further afield.

What is your outlook for 2022?
We expect we’ll continue to deliver virtual events at the start of 2022 but that there will be a bit of a shift towards in-person events, particularly awards and celebratory occasions. We have had an incredible 2021 so far and will look to build on this next year, in terms of revenue and people. Broadsword has grown in so many ways because of the pandemic; we have more wisdom, experience, courage, and a story to tell. We’re so excited to share it, to shout about it and to celebrate it.


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