• June 7, 2021

Eventcycle to repurpose event waste as charity donations

Eventcycle to repurpose event waste as charity donations

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A new organisation, Eventcycle.org, has been set up to turn leftover, unwanted and reusable event materials into donations for charities and community groups as well as feeding some items back into the events industry.

Event Cycle, founded by Carina Jandt and Chantal Kerr-Sheppard this year, was created to tackle the problem of single-use event materials such as furnishings, graphics, props and branded merchandise going to landfill after events.

The service directly connects the events industry to the not-for-profit sector – taking what would be waste from one industry and giving it a second, useful life in another.

Event Cycle offers event organisers a way to reduce event waste and benefit good causes in the process as well as contributing to a Circular Economy when items are returned to the Events Industry.

Not only does the service divert items from landfill, but it also provides success stories to share, showing where donated items have gone, who they have helped, and what social impact each donation has made.

“Having worked in several streams of the event industry we have both seen the amount of good quality items leftover at the end of events. Some are put in skips onsite and some are transported to storage with good intentions of reuse, but they are often forgotten about and put in skips offsite,” said Jandt

Kerr-Sheppard added: “Through our volunteering we have seen the demand for more than just volunteers and monetary donations. It’s here we’ve made the crucial connection and found a solution between what charities need and what events waste. Now is the time to build back better and consider our options for a more sustainable, socially responsible, future in the events industry.”

The organisation has already received endorsements from several major event businesses including George P Johnson and DMNdesignbuild

Briony Leivers, Production Manager at George P Johnson, said: “The event industry over the years has been crying out for a more sustainable way of working, with Event Cycle this is a massive step forward for the industry. I know I will certainly be utilising the service and recommending to our clients moving forward.”

Fiona Taylor, Project Manager, DMNdesignbuild, said: “2020 gave us the perfect time to rethink how we approach sustainability, not only internally, but how we offer it to our clients. When we were introduced to The Event Cycle, we knew going forward that they would become an integral part of our client offering. I’m very excited at the possibility of not only our clients having a sustainable way to dispose of stand elements, but actually being able to see those elements doing good elsewhere in the UK.”



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