• February 22, 2021

‘Roaring Twenties’ theme to shape next micebook event

‘Roaring Twenties’ theme to shape next micebook event

‘Roaring Twenties’ theme to shape next micebook event 1024 576 micebook.

There has been a growing momentum around the idea that we will enjoy a new “roaring ‘20s” once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

Some experts are predicting that pent-up demand will result in an economic and cultural rebound similar to that seen in in the 1920s – the decade of creative change that followed first World War and the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

There is certainly pent-up demand for travel and events. So, at our next micebook talks to industry voices event on 10th March, we are using this theme to shape our content for the day.

We will dissect some of the trend reports recently published by two leading agencies OrangeDoor and Cheerful Twentyfirst. We will explore how Edmonton pulled of the NHL Stanley cup playoffs last year by creating a bubble for the high-profile teams from across North America.

We will also discuss the first results of our recent representation company survey which will shine a light on the return to international events, with an expert panel of leaders from top UK representation companies including Euromic.

We have mixed up the format a little this time with demos and showcases to widen your industry knowledge alongside our virtual expo, followed by the usual blend of industry insights, discussion and networking.

Dip in for certain insights and workshops or stay for the day.

Get in touch to find out more or to host one of the sessions.

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