• January 29, 2021

Interview: Angie & Chris on Meeting Allstars

Interview: Angie & Chris on Meeting Allstars

Interview: Angie & Chris on Meeting Allstars 1024 683 micebook.

Event industry experts Chris Parnham and Angie Mason have announced the launch of a new venture called Meeting Allstars, which they describe as a “transformative new way of working for UK event professionals.”

We caught up with them to find out more…

How did the idea for Meeting Allstars come about?

Chris: The world of live events came to an unexpected and tumultuous halt 12 months ago due to the global pandemic and hundreds of event professionals have found themselves furloughed or out of work. It is this unfortunate situation and our desire to create an opportunity for those so desperately looking for one that led to the creation of Meeting Allstars. The premise behind which is to create a community of event planners, united by the common goal of delivering a personalised and dedicated service to clients requiring global venue sourcing.

Angie: It breaks my heart to see so many hard working, talented and dedicated event professionals – through no fault of their own – abandoned, or left without purpose because of the pandemic. Chris and I are always in tune with each other so the conversation came naturally to us. What could we do?  How could we try and redress the balance?

Tell us more about what the business is and how it works?

Chris: Live events will return, and clients will soon need to start sourcing venues, but they will likely find that many of their long-standing relationships will have been affected by furlough or redundancies. As part of Meeting Allstars, anyone who has experience of global venue sourcing and has client relationships that need attention can join the company, whilst retaining ownership for their clients, their delivery and their future career path. They won’t just be employees, they will be entrepreneurs, engaged at an Associate or Partner level

Angie: It’s all about solving that frustration problem for the venue sourcing stars that say ‘I have clients I want to do my best for, but I can’t right now because no live events are allowed’ together with ‘ I love my clients but due to the pandemic have lost my job so cannot help them’ whilst clients are saying ‘where’s my dependable and trusted venue finder?’

If I’m an out of work event planner, how do I get involved?

Both: Call us or send us an email. Let’s have a chat about your ambitions, objectives and client opportunities.

What is the benefit to just setting up on my own?

Chris: Meeting Allstars is a transformative new way of working which enables meetings professionals to become their own boss while trading under a larger global brand. The company provides its associates and partners with all the essential tools, procedural standards, commercial protocols and software to do business. Even more importantly, Allstars will also have access to coaching, support and personal development from Angie and I.

Angie: It’s well acknowledged that over 70% of new businesses survive over five years, with a mentor, than those that do not  have one (Federation of Small Businesses)  Entrepreneurs are defined by their passion, not their ability to do the admin, sort the ‘official stuff’ or spend forever sweating ‘the small stuff’. What Meeting Allstars offers covers all that. Mentorship, guidance, provision of the ‘small stuff’ (which actually is the foundation of any successful business)…and why would you not want this all included in your start up?

And what’s the benefit to small companies joining as associates or partners? Won’t they essentially be working with competitors?

Chris: Established small companies or sole traders may join as partners, retaining their Ltd company status, but taking a personalised Meeting Allstars name, and they would only be competing in the same way that they always have.

Angie: If you know the arena you are working within, it matters not who you are in the arena with. In any one arena you will always ‘get your ass kicked’ (at this point please do take the time to look at Dr Brene Brown on Youtube – the man in the arena speech). Enough said.

How will Meeting Allstars bring in new business/client enquiries?

Chris: Each Allstar is champion of their own business and growth, but Angie and I will guide, support and steer them towards ultimate success.

Angie:  Every one of the Allstars will already have a foundation network of trusted clients together with the ability to attract new business through a quality approach and service.

What is the benefit for the corporate client?

Chris: The corporate client benefits from a genuine dedicated personal relationship and service from their trusted Allstar. Without the bureaucracy of a large agency, but with security, experience and best practice.

Angie: Trust, knowledge, honesty…..a need to do the very best job. Partnership and delivery.

How involved will you both be in running the business?

Chris: Absolutely hands on in the development of each Allstar. I have always loved developing others, and helping them to make their own way to success, and this is something I am particularly looking forward to.

Angie: I take great pride in helping others to develop and improve. I have many years of experience and never intend that to go to waste. I started venue sourcing over 30 years ago. Much has changed but the foundations remain the same. Know your industry, understand and respect the boundaries (but don’t be afraid to push them) and make sure you have a happy client.

What’s your long-term goal for Meeting Allstars?

Chris: As the world fights to emerge from the pandemic, I wanted to bring together those industry professionals who prefer to take control of their own destiny. To plan, source and deliver events for their cherished clients, to build and own their own client portfolio but within the safety and protection of a robust company structure and network. Allstars have the freedom to deliver exactly what is needed by their clients, with the support, guidance and protection that only comes from Meeting Allstars. I hope we can build the biggest community of like-minded meetings professionals in the UK.

Angie: Happy clients, happy associates and partners. A job well done. The ability to sleep at night!



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