• November 23, 2020

Fabulous flamingos and resilient rhinos – an unique take on 2020

Fabulous flamingos and resilient rhinos – an unique take on 2020

Fabulous flamingos and resilient rhinos – an unique take on 2020 900 600 micebook.

Taking a leaf out of her daughter’s school book, Mason Rose director of sales Kym Jenkins Mason Rose’s Kym Jenkins shares her light-hearted take on how 2020 has turned us into “super learner” animals…

The last year has been somewhat different for us all, we have had to learn many new ways of living we didn’t think were possible. As a mum of two little girls I have always believed in really trying to have a positive outlook on things, seeing the silver lining and giving everything your absolute best shot! After a tough day a few weeks ago, my youngest happened to come in and show me something they learnt at school – their “super learner profiles”.

The next week I was on a call to Chetan from micebook and reminded him of these profiles and how we need to be “resilient rhinos”. To which he laughed and said, “sorry, be a what?” so I explained, “a resilient rhino Chet, you know to persevere and keep trying even when something is really challenging!”

I went on to explain that my little one is taught a ‘Super Learner Profile’ at school. Fun animal characters which allow children to develop effective learning behaviours and be more aware of themselves as learners. And then it hit me… all this time it’s what we have all been doing throughout 2020!

The hospitality and travel sectors have really been affected by COVID-19 and yet every day we are “Resilient Rhinos”  we keep trying even when something is really challenging and we work through problems trying to come up with creative new ideas. This also shows us our Creative Chameleons side!  Where every day we are adapting, modifying and improving.

With things moving so fast, we need to of course make sure we are still  considering our Thoughtful Tortoise ways.  He is a reflective thinker, he thinks carefully about what he wants to achieve and how he’s going to achieve it.

And doesn’t all of this make us Busy Beavers! Busy Beavers have to be resourceful. They have to use resources from the wider world, other people and past experiences to help them learn.

With everyone being such beavers we inevitably need to become Amicable Ants.  The Amicable Ant is a brilliant collaborator! She can listen carefully to others and share ideas.

Plus, she works very well with the Playful Puppy , who has the important trait of being inquisitive. Finding things out by asking questions and researching.  The Playful Puppy is always excited about new opportunities and experiences.

With all this hard work and effort, the Fabulous Flamingo  reminds us to keep a positive learning attitude, that we can achieve anything with effort and to do our best and nothing less!

Last but not least, and introduced very relevantly this year is our Happy Hedgehog.  He reminds us to take care of ourselves and to be aware. Aware of our feelings and how to express them, that our feelings can be affected by things and events around us, that how we feel can affect our behaviour, that everyone has times when they find their feelings difficult to manage and so to always demonstrate care and respect for others as they should for us.

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