• June 15, 2020

micebook talks Covid-19 – survey results

micebook talks Covid-19 – survey results

micebook talks Covid-19 – survey results 900 600 micebook.

Eventprofs remain optimistic about getting UK events up and running before the end of 2020 but expect event budgets to take a hit, according to a poll carried out during our extended micebook talks event last week.

Almost half of the attendees (45%) that took part in our poll said they expect to deliver their first live event in the UK in the fourth quarter of 2020, with a further 13% expecting to deliver UK events in Q3. However, almost a third (31%) are not expecting to deliver UK events until the first quarter of 2021.

When it comes to overseas events, the responses were notably different with most predicting that outbound business will not pick up until 2021. Only 5% expect to deliver a live event in Q3 2020 and 15% in Q4, with 40% expecting to deliver their first live event overseas in Q1 2021 and 30% in Q2 2021.

Around two-thirds (62%) of respondents said they are using the government furlough scheme, and 66% expect event budgets to be down in 2021 following this crisis, with 26% expecting budgets to stay the same and only 8% predicting budgets will rise.

In more positive news, 63% are still actively working at present (25% aren’t working and 12% are working part-time). Eventprofs are using their time wisely, with 77% responding that they have considered or started reskilling as a result of the crisis.

Around two-thirds (64%) said they are still receiving RFPs and enquiries for live events and 45% expect there will be pent up demand to meet face-to-face once the pandemic is behind us, though 55% worry that people will still be concerned about safety and opt not to travel.

With the rise in digital events as a result of the pandemic, we asked if there are concerns that virtual solutions will cannibalise face-to-face events in the future – 36% said yes but 64% said no.

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