• July 11, 2018

Bragging Rights: Hotel Danieli, Venice

Bragging Rights: Hotel Danieli, Venice

Bragging Rights: Hotel Danieli, Venice 1024 768 micebook.

Black Tomato proposal writer Ollie Launn on checking out Venice grande dame Hotel Danieli

“I recently attended a fam trip to Venice hosted by Marriott Luxury Brands. We visited several of their properties in the city including Hotel Danieli, which ranks as probably one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in.

You get such a sense of grandeur when walking in to the Danieli for the first time; it’s a step back in time, entering through an old-school revolving door like the ones you see in the movies to find rich dark woods lining the walls and an entire wall with tassled key fobs that give an immediate (highly Instagram-able) effect. Stained glass is everywhere in the lobby including a stunning stained glass ceiling, so it almost feels a palace from an old film set, while the grand staircases reminded me of those in Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.

You can tell that, even though the hotel is very old, it’s been incredibly well looked after and a lot of care has been put into keeping its classic charm. It’s in prime position in the centre of Venice just around the corner from St Mark’s Square, and if you luck out in room categories like I did, you get your own exclusive spot overlooking the Grand Canal so you can watch the gondolas float by from your window. The rooms themselves are impeccable, with sleek marble bathrooms and deep reds in the bedrooms – it definitely doesn’t feel modern but that is not a bad thing by any means; it’s the kind of hotel you could only find in Venice.

For dining, it’s all about being on the roof. Terrazza Danieli, boasting unsurprisingly a gorgeous terrace, is a rooftop restaurant where you can both start a day watching the world go by and enjoy the sunset with a fine Italian wine. Meeting spaces are in short supply and personally I’d use it purely as an incentive property, but you can host a drinks reception in one of the “Diva Suites” (named after the great Italian opera divas of the past, and less so after Mariah Carey) and it’s a great choice for a welcome dinner which encapsulates the whole city.

I would pitch Venice and the Danieli for a really high-end client as I think you need a generous budget to do it properly, and I would also propose it for a smaller group, most likely a couples-based incentive of 30-40 people.

Everyone has a visual in their mind of what they think Venice will be, regardless of if you’ve been or not. It truly feels like you’ve stepped into a totally different universe, one where you literally sail through life via water taxi (so not for the easily sea sick amongst people by any means) and where every corner boasts an architectural marvel. I hadn’t been to Venice before and it fully surpassed my expectations of what the floating city would be; a dreamy network of winding canals and vibrant buildings that makes it unlike any other city out there.”

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