micebook Ventures is a new sustainable summit for purpose-driven event industry leaders, themed around the concept of Rebuilding Better.

It will focus on finding solutions for how the events sector can evolve to be a “Force for Good” – in the debating chamber, through one-to-one meetings, and live experiences.

Ventures22 will provide a platform for event buyers and suppliers to share knowledge and collaborate to make better choices and create more sustainable experiences that have a positive rather than negative impact on our planet.

At its core, this event is founded on the 1:1 buyer-supplier meetings model but with a unique twist. Participants will join up to 30 one-to-one meetings but in a relaxed setting split over the live programme and pre-event during virtual sessions. 

Our primary aim is to move away from the super-stacked, death-by-meetings environment and provide an alternative setting, which continues to offer the opportunity to talk one-on-one, but also provide practical, shared experiences, to create more meaningful connections

During the three-day live programme, taking place in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter, we will be demonstrating live and practical pathways for progressive change within Liverpool as a destination, around the themes of Healthcare, Environment and Technology.

Highlights include an experiential visit to the innovative Farm Urban – a hydroponic vertical farm showcasing how we can think differently about agriculture while being more sustainable and economical, and a glimpse into the real future of digital, human collaboration trip at one of Liverpool University’s most advanced, new technology labs. 


Why are we doing this? 

As a major contributor to global carbon emissions, the meeting and events industry needs to make real and lasting change, and fast. 

In addition to reducing our environmental impact as an industry, business events have an important role to play as a key facilitator in bringing together leaders in sustainability to solve challenges, share ideas and develop solutions. This is exactly our vision for micebook Ventures.  

We are measuring the carbon footprint of all delivery elements of the event, qualifying delegate attendance with strict Sustainability & Social Purpose criteria and mitigating and offsetting our real-world impact and will share our learnings post-event. 

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